Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oral Health: Peri-Gum Mouthwash Concentrate

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I wonder whether anybody here tried this product, to comment on its efficacy:

Peri-Gum Mouthwash Concentrate 1 Oz

Here is what they claim (no endorsement implied):

Product Description:
PERI-GUM(r) Mouthwash is a concentrated formulation of herbal extracts and essential oils, each one known by herbal health authorities for their ability to improve oral health. Now combined for the first time to release their synergistic powers as Nature's Gum Solution. PERI-GUM(r) was clinically tested in a 4 week pilot study at a major Northeastern University and was found to be safe to oral tissues. The reduction in gingival health scores was 20% and the reduction in plaque scores was 16%.

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