Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ageless Memory: Secrets for Keeping Your Mind Young Forever -- New Book

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Here is a new book for possible discussion here (no endorsement implied):

Ageless Memory:
Secrets for Keeping Your Mind Young Forever
- From the World's Foremost Memory Expert

by Harry Lorayne (Hardcover - Jan 1, 2008)

Book Description provided by the Publisher (Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers):

The world's foremost memory expert­and mega-bestselling author­proves that memory CAN get better with age, using his foolproof system for sharpening the mind, improving concentration, and attaining a truly "superpower" memory.

Completely practical and easy to use, Harry Lorayne's unique memory system can be put into practice immediately­for a better memory the very same day you open the book and start to read. With this one book, specially geared for those of us past 50, we learn to:

• Recall names and faces, even years later

• Never miss an appointment or misplace keys, glasses, valuables, etc

• Give speeches without notes and learn foreign words and phrases easily

• Memorize long lists of items, huge numbers, quotations, Bible verses, and all kinds of facts and figures

• And (most important when we age) regain the confidence that comes with having a sharp, active mind.

Harry Lorayne has been honing and teaching his memory systems for 40 years. Ageless Memory is the culmination of his life's work, specially tailored to our needs as we age and encompassing all of the many ways we can use a better memory every day.

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