Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Myth of Alzheimer's: The Story of a Disease, a Doctor, and a New Direction for Aging in the 21st Century (New Audio Cassette)

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Here is a new audio cassette for discussion here:

The Myth of Alzheimer's:
The Story of a Disease, a Doctor, and a New Direction for Aging in the 21st Century

by Whitehouse M.d., Peter J. ph.d, Danny George, and Julie M. Fenster
(Audio Cassette - Jan 8, 2008)

Product Description provided by the Publisher (Blackstone Audio, Inc.):

This is a call to arms to re-evaluate the way we think about and deal with Alzheimer's disease. The author puts forth that the current view of Alzheimer's as a virtual death sentence obscures the potential for vitality and wisdom that still exists in the graying years. He posits that there is a wide range of cognitive impairment and that the trajectory does not necessarily end in the deepest throes of senility, impaired body function, and dependence on twenty-four-hour care. He contends that the label of Alzheimer's generates fear, paranoia, and anxiety, and by taking a closer look at what Alzheimer's is and isn't, he can offer hope to individuals, as well as their families, who suffer from a decline in their cognitive abilities. He presents a new approach to the treatment of brain aging, using examples from his own practice as well as from around the world, and provides practical information so that readers can get the best level of care for themselves or their loved ones.

About the Authors:

PETER J. WHITEHOUSE, M.D., Ph.D., is the director of integrative studies in the Department of Neurology at Case Western Reserve University and is the founding director of the University Memory and Aging Center at Case. He is a clinician at Elder Health Center at University Hospital of Cleveland.

DANNY GEORGE works at the Memory and Aging Center in Cleveland, Ohio, and is currently pursuing a master of science degree in medical anthropology at Oxford University in England.

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