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New Book -- The 30-Minute Celebrity Makeover Miracle: Achieve the Body You've Always Wanted

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Here is a new book for discussion here:

The 30-Minute Celebrity Makeover Miracle:
Achieve the Body You've Always Wanted

by Steve Zim and Steve Steinberg (Hardcover - Jan 2, 2008)

Book Description provided by the Publisher (Wiley):

Praise for Steve Zim and The 30-Minute Celebrity Makeover Miracle

"Steve Zim's plan helped me drop my body fat more quickly than with any other program I've ever tried. I couldn't be more pleased."
­Jessica Biel

"Within only eight weeks of working with Steve Zim, Steven Strait made a huge change to his body for his role in 10,000 BC. He looked amazing, and that was important since his body was such an integral part of his role."
­Roland Emmerich, director of 10,000 B.C. and Independence Day

"Steve Zim got me in shape quickly and made me ready for competition. I feel great and people tell me I look great."
­Laila Ali, contestant, Dancing with the Stars

"Steve Zim is one of the best trainers I've worked with. I never challenged myself to run, but he helped me reach a 5K that was featured in Self Magazine. I get bored working out very easily, but Steve is so creative with his exercises that I actually look forward to hitting the gym. You actually are having fun while getting your tush in shape!"
­Shaun Robinson, host, Access Hollywood

"Steve Zim not only got me in the best shape of my life, but his enthusiasm and strategy keep me going. Steve's program makes me feel completely empowered and I have never felt better mentally or physically."
­Stryker, dj, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

"Think you're out of luck? Think again. Extra's Dayna Devon lost 20 lbs just in time for her wedding using the world's speediest diet and exercise tricks by Steve Zim."
­Woman's World magazine

From the Inside Flap:

Wouldn't you love to have the body of a movie star without spending countless hours working out to get there?

In The 30-Minute Celebrity Makeover Miracle,the top Hollywood trainer and Weekend Today fitness expert Steve Zim shows you how to sculpt a phenomenal physique faster and easier than you ever thought possible. In just thirty minutes a day, three times a week, Zim's revolutionary combined cardio and weight-training program will help you ramp up your metabolic rate, burn fat faster than conventional workouts, and produce the body of your dreams in no time. You'll begin to see results after just one week.

Zim shares the celebrity training secrets that have helped his Hollywood clients get in shape for the camera and the red carpet. Once you put his powerful plan into action, you'll be ready for your own closeup. His approach really works, and it doesn't require lots of money or an army of trainers­just a bit of time and effort. Zim shows you how to put together the three crucial pieces of the celebrity makeover program:

Strength Training: You'll learn how to get focused, do the right exercises with the right form, lift the right weight, work all your muscle groups, and stay challenged. Over 100 photographs and clear, easy-to-follow instructions show you how.

Cardio Conditioning: You'll find out how to integrate cardio with to build endurance. No more mind-numbing marathon cardio sessions! You'll incorporate walking, jogging, and lunging into your workouts to strengthen your heart and vary your routine.

Nutrition: Zim's easy-to-follow nutrition plan will fuel your celebrity-style fitness transformation. He teaches you the tricks he uses during makeovers to help you lose weight without starving yourself or feeling deprived. You'll learn how to make the most of the calories you eat without measuring or counting and how to use the glycemic index to optimize the fat-burning capabilities of your body.

With a full ten-week program of Celebrity Makeover Miracle workouts for women and men plus nutrition guidelines, sample menus, and more, you've got all the tools you need to transform yourself into a leaner, stronger, and more fit you­with an A-list body and the confidence to match. Zim's program has worked for thousands of clients. It can work for you, too!

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Norris Hall said...

In my opinion the secret to losing weight is to exercise. People who subject themselves to dieting ofthen lose weight at first...but put it all back on later. Here's a good video to explain it all.
You just can't cut out eating and expect to keep weight off. You need to turn fat into muscle.
That's my view , at least.