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The Vitamin D Cure (New Book)

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Here is a new book for discussion here:

The Vitamin D Cure
by James Dowd and Diane Stafford
(Hardcover - Jan 14, 2008)

Book Description provided by the Publisher (Wiley):

Advance praise for The Vitamin D Cure

"The Vitamin D Cure is a revolutionary way to think about health and disease. My daughter suffered from a severe vitamin D deficiency and correcting it made a positive difference in her life. This book is practical and easy to read, and it offers hope for millions of people who suffer from pain, low energy, obesity, or depression."
­Daniel Amen, M.D., Director, Amen Clinics, Inc., and author of Making a Good Brain Great and Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

"For decades nutritional scientists assumed that recommended intakes of vitamin D prevented bone disease but offered few other health benefits. In this skillfully written book,Dr. Dowd expertly explains how vitamin D is actually a hormone whose insufficiency represents one of the most widespread health problems in the United States. By following the individualized program of supplementation and sun exposure outlined in this book, the risk for numerous chronic diseases can be reduced."
­Loren Cordain, Ph.D., author of The Paleo Diet

"This is a timely and unique book that highlights the importance of vitamin D in the prevention and control of many common conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. Recent clinical studies have documented the fact that most people are vitamin D deficient and that taking vitamin D supplements can reduce the risk of dying from all diseases. Dr. Dowd's five-step plan provides insight into the wonders of the forgotten vitamin and offers a practical and user-friendly game plan to place us on the road to heart health and a longer life."
­Jennifer H. Mieres, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine and Director of Nuclear Cardiology at the New York University School of Medicine, coauthor of the Heart Smart Guide for Black Women and Latinas

"Vitamin D is truly a miracle vitamin – it is fundamentally important to health and fighting many different diseases. And yet most people don't come close to obtaining optimal amounts. In this book, Dr. James Dowd explains everything you need to know about vitamin D and how it can improve your health."
­Jack Challem, author of Stop Prediabetes Now, The Inflammation Syndrome, and The Food-Mood Solution

"It is rare these days to have clear and understandable explanations of medical science. Fortunately, Dr. Dowd has the knowledge and has taken the time to provide some excellent insights into the health advantages available to everyone through natural environmental resources like vitamin D. The writers of this book are to be highly commended and thanked."
­Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., M.D., Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery and Professor of Neurological Surgery, Oncology, Plastic Surgery, and Pediatrics, the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

From the Inside Flap:

It may sound too good to be true, but it's actually solid medicine based on real science: groundbreaking new research has traced the source of a wide array of disorders that afflict up to 200 million Americans to a single common factor -­ vitamin D deficiency. Increasing the amount of vitamin D in your body can cure or help treat a remarkable number of ailments­from obesity to arthritis, from high blood pressure to back pain, from diabetes to muscle cramps. If you suffer from these or many other chronic health problems, you may wonder whether you are getting enough vitamin D and what to do about it.

In The Vitamin D Cure, leading rheumatologist and researcher Dr. James Dowd reveals the causes of vitamin D deficiency and explains why North Americans are particularly vulnerable to it. He then offers a simple, easy-to-follow five-step program that can eliminate or alleviate a host of seemingly incurable conditions, such as arthritis, in as little as six weeks. Better yet, by staying on the program, you can enjoy robust health and improved fitness for the rest of your life.

Citing numerous scientific studies, a wealth of clinical data, and case stories from his practice, Dr. Dowd shows how lifestyle and diet have combined to reduce the vitamin D intake of most of us who live north of the equator. Eating the wrong foods, not getting enough exercise, and spending too much time indoors have produced a major health crisis.

The good news is that you can greatly improve your health with the five easy steps in this life-changing guide. You'll learn how to:

-- Find out how much vitamin D you need

-- Sun and supplement your way to great D levels

-- Calculate your acid excess and tweak your diet

-- Cover your bases with total supplementation

Add a little exercise to the mix

More than you ever realized, the future of your health is in your hands. You can harness the power of the "sunshine vitamin" to transform your life, end your pain, and return to active, vigorous well-being now and for decades to come. Read The Vitamin D Cure and start letting the sun shine on your health and your life.

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